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The PCOC Insurance Program has provided the highest quality insurance products and service since 1989. Owned and overseen by the Pest Control Operators of California wholly-owned subsidiary, the Peacock Group, the PCOC Insurance Program hired Paul Lindsay, (then with Fred S. James, now with EPIC) to perform a feasibility study in 1987. Following the study, the PCOC and Paul put together a custom insurance program for members of the PCOC.

Launched in 1989, the PCOC Insurance Program revolutionized the insurance market for the pest control industry. We were the first in the Nation to offer errors and omissions coverage, provide customized services, offer higher limits, and industry tailored products at a price that was one fourth any carrier then in the market. In the decades since, every insurer of the pest control industry from coast to coast has attempted to emulate our program, proving the adage that imitation is the best form of flattery.

Not content to rest on our laurels, the PCOC Insurance Program has continued to remain the leader in new products, coverages and services. In April 2007 it launched the PCOC Insurance Program Captive providing even more member control over their insurance destiny. Our results have never been better nor market more stable.

Join and support the original revolutionary, now going on 26 years of providing the best products and services available anywhere for the pest controls industry.

Only members of the Pest Control Operators of California have the right to apply for insurance through the PCOC Insurance Program. Only qualified members are accepted. Call 877.860.7378 for detailed program information.

For questions about safety and risk management contact Eric Paulsen, CRM. Also click on our Contact Information link to see our program personnel list.


The PCOC, in partnership with EPIC Insurance Group and Nova/AIX Insurance, collaborated to analyze the historical losses in our industry. From this analysis we produced a comprehensive analysis, a summary article and produced a series of safety resource documents called the "PCOC Loss Control Focus", which are twelve one page documents examining key loss areas which make up our top three worker injuries: #1)Slips, Trips & Falls, #2)Strains #3)Vehicle Accidents.


An Introduction to Practical Fall Protection for Pest Control, a 16-page document created by the PCOC and the PCOC Insurance program may be downloaded here.


Our famous "Safety CD" with more has been updated and is now available online here. This CD (now online) contains more than 300 safety resources, including safety meetings, policies, training resources, and even a claims-handling guide.

The PCOC Insurance Program in brokered and managed by EPIC Insurance Group, offering custom products for PCOC members through AIX Group and qualified specialty insurance carriers.